We are your hosts Miles and Emma Ratu and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful home Aitutaki and your stay at Aitutaki Seaside Lodges.

Aitutaki Seaside Lodges recently came under new management on October 4th 2013 so on behalf of the owners Rainer and Lidia Perez we are excited to be able to offer you this premium property right on Amuri beach in Aitutaki.

Bungalows on the beach

Aitutaki Seaside lodges are made up of three well appointed bungalows situated in a private setting on the north western side of Aitutaki.

As they are self catering bungalows they are equipped with all of the essentials required to cater for your stay.

All three units are ABSOLUTE BEACHFRONT with views to the lagoon straight from your verandah and as they are on the western side of the Island they all look out to the sunset side of the Island.

From your bungalow walk on the white sandy beach and within seconds dip your toes in the stunning Turquoise lagoon.

You will be greeted at the Airport with "Ei Tiare" (Flower necklace) and the managers will meet you at Aitutaki Seaside Lodges to welcome you and provide a brief orientation.

Each Bungalow has a simple open plan design. They are fully insect screened and have air conditioning.

There is a phone available to all guests in the laundry which will allow for making local calls to assist in booking restaurants, lagoon tours, rental vehicles and also to contact the managers if required.

There is also a "hotspot" available on the premises to allow acces to the internet from a covered verandah attached to the office.

There is a shared Laundry and BBQ facilities available for all guests on site.

Aitutaki Seaside Lodges provides good value as the bungalows are well appointed and have all the facilities that will complement your stay.


Where is Aitutaki and how do I get there?
Aitutaki is 220kmNorth of Rarotonga and it is a 40-minute flight to travel from Rarotonga to Aitutaki.

Do I need to hire a vehicle?
We would recommend that you hire either a scooter or car to get around. We can provide you with details to contact the rental companies and prebook your vehicle.

What should I do in Aitutaki?
Aitutaki has a slower pace of life, and the locals enjoy giving a friendly welcome to visitors. The beautiful turquoise lagoon and white sandy beaches are a highlight and make this a perfect escape for your island holiday. Check out our activities page or just come and unwind, relax and enjoy!


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